Allow me to introduce you to Nattorare, an extremely skilled digital artist in the NFT space. Their collectibles never lack quality here with the clean lines and quality design. With first glance you can see a lot of love is put into these pieces as well as the animations. Be sure to check out their rarible and see what you can pick up!
The colors and the styles here are beautifully unique. Yosnier' work catches my eye every time I cross paths with it and makes me fall in love all over again with each new piece. Be sure to check out their prints shop as well as their NFT', I know i will!
Out of this world renders from Rolzay, an artist with a great touch to lighting and not afraid to show off the little details with close up beautiful shots.
Shelly Soneja
The works of Shelly Sonjea, are extremely underrated in my opinion as an artist. Her color, lighting and very fluid clean design of her characters are just stunning. Be sure to check her out!
Want to talk about underrated works? Neurosis, is the topic today. When I saw this artists work I was baffled that they aren't on a more curated marketplace yet. I'm sure I can guarantee though, they will be very very soon.
Whats your pleasure? Art or Collectibles? Sushinobi has you covered on both. A versatile artist bringing the heat with Art and hearthstone feeling collectible cards and even a hand made physical work.
Most of you know, pink and purple pallets steal my heart. The works of Orabel, just ripped it from my chest at first sight. Dreamy works all around, definitely take a moment to just soak in her works to help you recharge.
Rooks, takes care of the abstract this time around. With such an amazingly unique feel that's just pleasure to the eyes. Extremely underrated works once again, be sure to follow them on twitter if you aren't already.
Crypto Temple - Smiling Demon
Subtle, clean and breathtaking. The words used to describe the works of Smiling Demon. This artist has a great eye for using the dark space in their scenes to isolate the true focal point bringing some true heat to the table.
This artist sees everything in collages. Their collage work is absolutely amazing. Unique and stylish. Using all the right parts and pieces to construct a unique style for each piece. Be sure to check them out.
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