Abnormal Aspect touches at the creation of life, not just any life, yours. This piece was made during a really intense episode of existential dread that I regularly suffer from caused by manic depression. I challenge myself to create during overwhelming moments such as these. The piece is simple yet complex.

Suspended weightlessness in a great vastness of nothing. Nothing. Nothing matters besides the fact that you're still breathing to experience life. Life, the lily. The lily, purity and fertility, fresh life and innocent beauty. Everyone is created upon a fresh slate, not upon your roots but upon how you grow. The beauty of the fractal, its unique just like you, its purpose? The same as yours, grow, change and become more unique than before. Abnormal, deviating from what is normal or usual. Aspect, a specific part or feature. Your features. You.

Life doesn't need more meaning than to exist.

Keep Breathing

Keep Changing

Become, an Abnormal Aspect.

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